Lynne is a published Children and Adult book illustrator.  Lynne uses her explosive imagination to take the children and adults into the story to create a visual impact and to make the words and characters come alive. Using different art mediums from watercolour to rendering with coloured and lead pencils to digital art.   Illustrating books for all ages, from toddlers to older primary children to adults.


 His Lavished Love for Littles by Carrie Christopher, Lionheart Publsihers

His Lavished Love for Littles, authored in the United States by Carrie Christopher was colorfully illustrated by the Holy Spirit’s love and power through Lynne Hudson! Lynne and Carrie partnered up together to share their gifts for the glory of God’s kingdom through the creation of a children’s poetry book. Carrie was praying a long time for the Lord to bring a woman of the Lord to see in the Spirit, receive His divine revelation, and interpret His heart through art. Her heavenly design and art bring all glory to Christ Jesus as she paints from the Lord’s heart of love, splashing colors of His wonder, infusing the work with prayers and intercession for His people! Carrie had longed for an artist who could clearly hear His voice, His directive and His love for His little children, spreading His fame to generations. Lynne was this woman of God who the Lord used to accomplish this and so much more! Lynne’s magnificent artistry, her prophetic gifting and her heart of love for the Lord was whom He chose for this Christ filled initiative. Lynne’s gifting in the Lord ministered deeply to Carrie and her family as each page was delicately created with the Lord. The Lord worked in ways of miracles through Lynne speaking bold prophetic encouragement in and through the art.  Most importantly, the main blessing of working with Lynne was her passion, and desire to hear God’s heart through the art. The Holy Spirit’s provision to feed Carrie encouragement during the process was a God surprise! I am thankful that we have worked together to create Holy Spirit empowered art and words to be a beacon of Christ’s glory here on earth!
As a Christian author it is of the utmost importance that the work we create is empowered by the Spirit of God. Lynne and I have rejoiced as we’ve seen miracles already flow through His work in and through her and our collaboration! Each illustration speaks a layer of gods heart! If you’re looking and praying through who is supposed to illustrate God size writings in your life, Lynne Hudson can be trusted, and her heart speaks of His glory as she peeks into heaven to manifest what is in heaven here on earth.
Carrie Christopher, Florida, USA
"I considered it a great privilege to be able to work so seamlessly with Lynne in creating my stories . She is a gifted prophetic artist who has breathed life into the characters in my books, which in turn has helped me to develop not only the characters even further, but also a unique world in which they live.. Lynne works in unity with Father God to create illustrations that reflect His glory and that delight the reader. I feel truly blessed to have her beautiful illustrations adorn the pages of my books."

Susan Taylor-Reeves



It has been a joy working with Lynne on my young readers project.  Lynne has brought my story alive, leading the young reader into the story to develop their imagination with the colourful Australian landscapes and animals.  Through the animated illustrations, the reader is taken on a learning journey of the aboriginal language. 

It has been a wonderful collaboration working with Lynne on my book.



I learned and purchased one of Lynne’s prophetic artworks back in 2020. I enjoyed her artwork so much that I commissioned her to illustrate my recent book Daughters and Warriors of a King. It has been a joy and an honor to work with Lynne on this new book project. She is a gifted prophetic artist who beautifully co-creates with our Heavenly Father. Lynne brought the characters and scenes to life with each piece. She truly has the heart of the Father and glorifies Him in her art. Throughout our collaborations, Lynne listened and maintained open communication with each illustration. I feel truly blessed to call her a friend and a sister co-creative/laborer in Christ.

Tracy K. Sams, Tennessee, USA 

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