Jesus at the Centre

Testimonials from clients of private commissions

My husband and myself have a very large home, and before we met Lynne Hudson we did not have a single painting as we were waiting to meet just the right artist.  Thankfully God put Lynne into our lives, we both entrusted her completely with her visions and her hearing from God for our 12 paintings.  Jesus at the Centre was one of these paintings.
Lynne’s paintings have brightened our home in so many ways. It’s like the colours dance and sing off the canvas bringing life and healing to all who are blessed in their presence. We are truly honoured that she has shared her gift with our family.  

Piers and Janine Dance, Australia


Celebrate Life


When I first saw this painting I was immediately drawn to it. I felt I was looking at the layer upon layer of my own life journey. Because I have a heart to help broken women I felt this was a painting every woman can relate to. I was able to take a copy to Bali Life Suwung Community Centre who assist disadvantaged families. I presented a workshop with the women using this painting. It touched many women there and now hangs on the wall in the Centre. Thank you Lynne for this powerful painting   “Celebrate Life”

Sue Lockwood, Australia

 Armor of God

I’ve known Lynne for about 8 years and always admired her gifting of prophetic artwork. I wanted a couple of canvases painted. One piece, I had attempted to draw as I’m not an artist. Lynne took this and created exactly what I wanted. Another piece of art is of the Blessed Mother. She captured it just as I envisioned it should be portrayed. Lynne is called into the throne room of God and her brushstrokes are straight from heaven. She and her masterpieces are a gift from God.
Thank you Lynne
Rusanne Jourdan,  Australia
“Lynne’s ability to express Father God’s  heart through colour, light, movement and  narrative is stunning. With prophetic accuracy she pinpointed who Father God had been in my world, as well as the journey that was yet to come. When I wake every morning, Lynne’s painting is the first thing my eyes focus on and as I let it speak, I am reminded of how much love Father God has for me. I am continually blessed that a friend thought to commission Lynne to paint for me as a gift, because this truly has been the gift that keeps on giving.”

Cath Disher, Australia




Hearing God's Voice through Creativity Course

Hearing God's Voice through Creativity Course has personally impacted my life. It has given me another way to connect to God and hear prophetically for myself and those in my life.

Lynne gently leads , listening to Holy Spirit and sensitive to the creative process.

Lynne leads through utilizing her own vulnerability and testimony and joins the creative journey with those who attend.

I have witnessed those that participate find incredible healing and leave the course with a deeper relationship with God and tools to further enrich our relationship with Heavenly Father.

I have been in awe of the personal testimonies I hear regularly where others have been impacted through this course.

I love Lynne's heart; her passion for Jesus and her life mission to see people radically set free.


Senior Pastor Lisa Mariconte, Chapel Burleigh, Queensland, Australia