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This Course takes you on a journey of learning how to go deeper in hearing from God through using the tools of creativity.

The course is divided up into four sections and each part takes you on an encounter with God through using your creative side of the brain. These encounters will take you deeper in hearing from God and unlock  barriers to hear clearer and stronger clarity from Him.

You do not have to be an artist, God will speak to you through your simplest of splashes of paint and squiggles on water colour paper.

An important part of the course is journaling what God is speaking to you through your art pieces and interpreting what He is saying.  You will learn how to go deeper in your prayer time with our Heavenly Father.

Lynne has conducted this course via zoom, during this season of covid.  Contact Lynne for more details on how she can teach this course to your church or small groups.


"Hearing Gods Voice Through Creativity Course" has personally impacted my life.  It has given me another way to connect to God and hear prophetically for myself and those in my life.  I have witnessed those that participate find incredible healing and leave the course with a deeper relationship with God and tools to further enrich our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Senior Pastor Lisa Mariconte, Chapel Burleigh, Queensland, Australia